The direction is forwards

The new generation takes over

In 2012, Mario Haidlmair took the reins from his father and company founder Josef Haidlmair. HAIDLMAIR experienced a change in company organisation due to the fresh wind of the next generation.
In the following years, Mario Haidlmair put external and internal communication on a completely new footing. They were looking for a new, innovative solution to inform employees comprehensively and found it in CORE smartwork.

A new platform

Internal communication at a new level

In 2014, Mario Haidlmair decided to introduce CORE smartwork. The system was intended to raise internal communication to a new level. The old intranet had reached its limits as the number of employees grew, and the company had sought a new solution for many years.
Introducing CORE smartwork means that from now on all internal communication will pass through this one channel, making it optimally controllable and easy to manage.

The result

CORE has significantly improved and simplified internal communication. For example, countless pages of paper were saved by eliminating the need for notice boards. In addition, employees are comprehensively informed and applicant management has been made more professional.

Employee growth

Since the introduction of CORE in 2014, the number of employees has almost doubled.


Due to the elimination of the notices, paper consumption could be reduced almost entirely.

Improved information flow

Thanks to CORE, our employees are informed quickly and easily - whether in the office, in the home office or abroad.

Less administrative effort

The central administration of the data in CORE minimised the administrative effort, for example in applicant management, has been minimised.

Modules in use
Users at 5 locations
CORE tvs at 3 locations
Applications centrally managed