By using the CORE software, the individual aspects of employee relationship management are identified, consciously considered and then controlled in a targeted, efficient, and sustainable manner.

The introduction and integration of new software packages into the existing IT structure and working culture of a company requires a great deal of sensitivity. For this reason, CORE smartwork follows a process that ensures the successful implementation of your goals.

Evaluation &
goal setting


Starting with an analysis of your employer brand according to the brand diagnostic principle of profilingbrands®, we first work out the status quo and development potential of your company.

In the first workshop step, the objectives and interests of management are worked out by a selected group of managers and executive staff.

In the concept phase, the guiding principles, goals and measures are defined. A plan for integrating CORE smartwork is then developed on this basis.

Integration &


CORE smartwork is very practically oriented and can be easily integrated into existing IT landscapes.

The IT consultants at CORE smartwork prepare a detailed integration plan. They verify the possible transfer of data and clarify the acquisition processes for new data. Individual wishes and needs are taken into account.

Our consulting team works with you to develop and implement the training program for all project managers in your company.

New normal in the
intelligent organisation


After introducing CORE smartwork, you can now specifically design all aspects of employee relationship management in your company. This allows you to create transparency and fairness and foster the commitment and reliability of your employees. You offer prospects for the further development of your valuable talents. In this way, you generate a high level of resilience, which gives you a decisive advantage in the further development of your company.

With our CORE community, you can exchange information with experts and other users after implementation and benefit from their experience in the long term.

Because CORE smartwork is a process.