The innovative products of our brands were another driving force behind the reformation of our internal communications.

Status quo 2016

Information equals motivation

Innovative products, growing company structures and a motivated team – these factors were increasingly showing us the necessity of rapid and straightforward  internal communications.
The ever more rapid pace of digitalisation did the rest, and we gave the go-ahead for implementing a new intranet tool. Only when information is passed on in a timely manner can it become real motivation.

Networking of all our business units was the objective of introducing our CORE platform "Pappas Connect".

Experience the best, everywhere and always

Communicative bridge building between companies and countries

As one of the largest automotive trading companies in Europe, Pappas Holding GmbH was faced with the challenge of optimizing the flow of communication across all its companies and countries, making information easily accessible to all its 2,800 employees in Austria, Hungary and Bulgaria.

The result

The Pappas Group is one of the largest and most innovative automotive trading companies in Central Europe, and is 100% family-owned. Today, the group has 2,800 employees (including 400 apprentices) and 38 locations in Austria, Hungary and Bulgaria.

A total of eleven companies handle sales and/or service for the Mercedes-Benz, smart, Jeep, Fuso, DAF, IVECO, BMW, MINI, Jaguar and Land Rover brands. The companies of Pappas Holding GmbH cover every mobility need, from very small cars to limousines and from a variety of special-purpose vehicles to heavy trucks – and all with one goal: customer satisfaction.


For internal communication to be successful, all employees must be able to be reached at the right time with the right message and the right content.


Information must flow in both directions. Social media features such as likes, comments and tagging are becoming increasingly important and are features of the communication that today's employees expect.


Thanks to interaction, employees can make their opinions known and are one with the company.


A company can only be successful if the entire workforce sees itself as a unit - connected through communication across all locations and countries.

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