Authorised officer Hermann Reichinger and CEO Klaus Angerhofer

Communication software?

Initial situation in 2015

Prior to introducing CORE in our company, we communicated mainly by telephone, emails and the "bulletin board" – in other words, on many different levels. Until then, that was an absolute necessity – apart from a few office staff, the majority of our workforce is constantly out and about at different construction sites.
With the introduction of CORE in September 2015, we created a collective point of contact for information about the company: simple, location-independent and quickly accessible for everyone.

Good things take time

The introduction of CORE

Until 2015, there was no digital communication software in our company. Fill is a long-standing customer and partner of ours, so we were ultimately introduced to the CORE smartwork software. For our employees, it was certainly also a change at the start. We thought at first that only a few people were using the platform, but many people were simply reading the material without pressing "like" or commenting. In the meantime, many processes in the company are being handled via CORE.

The result

Now, six years later, we already have access to a lot of information and opinion surveys from our employees. We love the fact that we can get in touch with each other much more easily and that important information reaches our colleagues in the field much more quickly – especially during the pandemic, this has been an enormous benefit.
(data status: June 2021)

Participation in internal surveys

Around 60 per cent of employees actively participate in our surveys on CORE.

Time saving

The informative entries in CORE have greatly reduced the number of e-mails and phone calls.

Improved information flow

Over time, various documents, standards, guidelines, etc. have been placed on CORE. Above all, we attach great importance to the input of the staff.

Better employee inclusion

New employees will find all important details and news as well as company structures and contact persons collected in CORE right from the start.

Active users

Since the introduction of CORE in 2015, the number of users has increased from 45 to 80 active users.

Selected modules

We work with 10 selected CORE modules to bring the communication and information flow as well as company standards to the employees in a targeted way.

Shop orders

More than 1,700 orders have already been placed via the shop module.


With over 300 surveys sent out, we have already been able to gather and share a lot of opinions, information and dates.